Wolf Spiders…..I SUMMON THEE!!!

He was probably summoned to this wall
Summoners of Death

So, my friend Neil was telling me about the various crops that his mom grows in Hawaii.  He said that she grows papayas, but that they “Summon Wolf Spiders”.  I love that they “summon” them rather than just attract them.  Now I want to grow papayas so I have the power to summon something.  Then I will have an army of Wolf Spiders and take over McKinney.  I’d heard Wolf  Spiders won’t actually hurt you.  We had hundreds of them in/around our house in Plano.  Then again, “I’d heard” that from “my mom”, so for all I know, they can kill you with a look.  I’d probably summon thousands of them with my acres of papaya crops and then not be able to control them and I’d die in a spider attack, which would be un-fun.