Pinterest MADNESS

I really have no words for what Pinterest is.  If you join, you will have that warm, fuzzy, “I can do this” feeling and you will then bask in the warm glow of your, and other’s, awesomeness.  Ok fine, I’ll try to describe it.  Ok, fine….it’s not like reverse engineering a thermonuclear device.  It’s just hard to express how cool and addicting it is based on the description.  Ok, basically, you create “boards”.  Mine are to the tune of:  Crafty Things, Yummy Things, Craft Ideas, Random Weird, Cool Stuff, etc.  You fill each board with “pins”.  Pins are photographs with hyperlinks that take you to your, say, recipe you’ve pinned, and your picture will be of that delicious concoction.

Teacher Gift Ideas? You got it.

Meanwhile, people can “follow” your pins, or if you happen to be on the same craft/food/art wavelength of another pinner, you can follow them.   The magic is on the main page, where you are bombarded with amazing ideas from amazing people, and you can repin at will, which also keeps the ideas/projects on your personal boards.   The magic for me personally, and I assume for many others, is that you have all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do, make, laugh at, wish for, whatever…all in one organized place.  Because it’s so organized, I am way more likely to set aside time to do a project, or try a recipe or whatever, because you’re only pinning what you like and at the skill level you desire on your boards.  It’s like everything is pre-screened.

Want to carve a banana into an Alien? We'll show you how.
Plus, you have a lot of control of what you see on your main screen.  Love Sally’s recipes, but if you see one more picture of her GD cat, you’re going to put a gun in your mouth?  Follow Sally’s “Recipe” board.  Unfollow Sally’s “I Wish I Had Actual Children” board.  Simple as that.
Well, I’ve been away from Pinterest for several minutes now.  So I need to go repin how to make rock candy or chalkboard paint in different colors or print the 35 moves for perfect abs.  Wait, note to self…”unfollow” Ab Chick’s pins.