Wanted: Time and Energy

I am so completely and utterly exhausted!  Between traveling last week, Girl Scout events, (seriously, I’m SO quitting), trying to keep up with the Boo Bear and the House, and a nightmare system-conversion at work, I’ve taken to falling face-down on the couch at 7:30, only to be woken up because my husband can’t take the snoring during TV anymore at 9:30, and heading off to bed. 

I started knitting an adorable Koala bear during my flight to Philly last week, but found that the copious amounts of Xanax necessary for me to fly comfortably are not condusive anything related to knitting, so back in the suitcase it went.  I’m hoping to get back to it this week, but it’s 1:46pm and I’m already about to fall on my face, so…we’ll see!

Notable peripheral things going on right now:

My wonderful, inspirational friend Jen Ragan Smith is going to have a baby ANY MINUTE, and I’m very excited!   She is also a hippie and using a midwife which terrifies me.  I would go off on all of the jokes about her giving birth in the woods in some sort of new-age prayer circle, but she is my website administrator so I can’t really rip on her.  Much.  😛  Good Luck my friend~!

This weekend is the Wildflower Festival, which is always a blast and chock-full of musical acts so past their prime that even the Wildflowers are embarassed for them.  I, however, am thrilled to take Emma to see Jerry Lee Lewis and the Bee Gees Tribute Band, with either some Little River Band or REO Speedwagon thrown in.  I know.  It’s so bad, it’s great.  This year I’m a Wildflower volunteer, and talked my way into an extra couple of tickets, so I’m psyched.  $80 worth of tickets and a free t-shirt for 4 hours of work?  Yes please.   I’m also wondering if I’ve got what it takes to march into restricted areas, and when stopped, point to the shirt.  “Hello?  Volunteer.  Mr. Lee Lewis asked me for this water now get the F out of my way.  And straighten that shirt!”

T-Minus 10 days til Emma’s tonsillectomy.  She gets the pre-op bloodwork this Thursday.  That’s going to go well.  Oy.  It sucks we have to get this done smack in the middle of all of the End-Of-Year Kindergarten festivities…(There.  Are.  A lot).  Thanks, stupid work insurance changing. 

That’s it for now…off on the search for energy!!

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