And into the closet we go.  It’s funny how nonchalant you learn to be when you hear the city’s tornado sirens going off when you’ve lived in Texas long enough.  It’s also funny how you seriously consider risking tornadic annihilation when you’re trapped in a closet with two dogs whose reaction to fear involves copious farting.  I really can’t tell you how much I regretted letting the dogs have cheese as a treat earlier that day. 

Anyway, we all survived.  Actually, after the sirens stopped and everything calmed down, Emma fell asleep in our bed, and that’s when the REAL storm hit.  I couldn’t bring myself to wake her up to get her into the closet, since…ya know…she wasn’t scared when she was sleeping!  My plan was to let her sleep through it until the sirens started going off, and they never did, so…hooray!  The dogs live to fart another day.