Daisies Walking For Cystic Fibrosis

These are the 3 Daisies that showed up to walk for our Daisy Scout, Lilly, who has Cystic Fibrosis.  The one in the center is actually Lilly, so I think it was pretty expected that she show up.  Emma, who seems to be gathering pre-walk strength by consuming popcorn, is the leader’s daughter, so I think it was also pretty expected that she’d be there.  The third girl, Jada, is also in the Daisy troop.  Jada’s mom, Haley, hates my guts and thinks I’m a sucky leader.  Haley is actually friends with Lilly’s mom…so that’s why they attended…NOT because “I” asked them to.   Haley is pretty much a wretched snotty bitch, and because this is MY blog, I will also say that Jada is a spoiled annoying bratface.   So, basically, our of 13 Daisy scouts, 2 showed up to the CF walk to show support for Lilly, who’s life expectancy, by the way, is about 25 if she’s lucky.  Stay classy, Daisy Scout Moms!  Bitches.

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