Bath Mitt and Soap Scrubby

Here’s another project that gets some use.  Emma uses the mitt in the tub more than the soap holder (in actuality, it’s now a little doll bed).


I love this cupcake, and made it a while back.  The inside is fiber fill and a pin cushion.  Emma plays with it in her kitchen, keeps it in her room, and shows it to all of her friends that come over.  This was my first attempt at knitting in the round, and I actually knitted it inside out (der!) but I’m still really happy with it.  It’s soft and squishy and awesome!

Froggy! Emma named him Spud.

So, I was so proud of myself that I made my first toy (the bunny), I was confident I could tackle this frog.  Plus, tennis balls are sold in packs of 3….I think this came out really cute!  Emma approves, so I’m happy. 🙂

Finished Bunny

I’m really happy with how this bunny came out, even though the head isn’t nearly as big as the one in the sample photo below.  I also didn’t attach the arms the same way, but I still think it’s cute.  Emma insisted on the purple ribbon and has named her “Chloe”.  The knitting book “Spud and Chloe on the Farm” is sitting out, so I suspect my next project will be named Spud.