Follow Up to Jen’s Guide To Bathroom Etiquette While You’re At Work

In reference to the earlier note I wrote about the Asian woman who constantly defiles our work bathroom and must eat cyanide dumplings stuffed with rancid goat…. well, there’s a new issue.

(See former note here)

The bathrooms here are really junky and filthy as it is. It’s a manufacturing plant, not Mary Kay. We’re lucky we have toilets and not just holes in the ground. Anyway, even if you didn’t “use” the restroom, you’d probably wash your hands after being in there. As it stands, HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM ANYWAY, and in our minds, (me and my co-worker Angela), people shouldn’t have to be reminded of this fundamental hygiene factoid.

Well, a few months ago, Angela started freaking out because there was a woman who would walk right out of the stall and out the door…no handwashing. Turns out, to make matters worse, it’s the Asian nightmare mentioned above with the monstrous gastrointestinal disorder. Keep in mind, Angela and I wash our hands, then use the paper towels to open the bathroom door to leave. Which especially if people aren’t washing their hands…I can’t imagine what diseases party on that handle.

So, Angela took it into her own hands and made TWO signs that read “In order to ensure the health of the staff, as well as guests, please remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!”, one on the mirror, and one on the door.

Today, as I was walking into the bathroom, Gastro Godzilla was walking out of a stall. She blew right by me and went out the door. When I reported this to Angela, she flipped out, and is now pursuing HR to have a chat with this disease-ridden fecal atrocity. And so the point to my story is….WOW, wouldn’t that be an embarassing conversation to have, if you were the HR rep who had to instigate it?

To Be Continued…